• Louise Rose Aveni

So, You've Written a Book? Now What?

I'm an internationally published author known as "The Book Shepherd", here to help other authors write, ghostwrite, edit, promote and market their books and audiobooks. Whether you're wishing to write your Memoir, a Children's Story or that Novel that's been dying to get into print, Angel House Publishing and I are here to "Give your dreams the wings to fly!" Please visit my web site at and let me know how I can help.


Guidelines on How to Publish, Market and Promote Your Book. First you need to get your

ducks in a row. Here are some topics that need your attention to help provide a successful experience.

First things, first...

· Copyrights

· Publishing Options – Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

· ISBNs and Bar Codes and Other Filings

· Book Design, Pricing and Packaging and

Choosing the Perfect Editor (extremely important!)

· Obtaining Endorsements and Testimonials

· Target Market – Ground Zero

· Announcing Your Book to the World

Time to get your "Baby" out in to the World of Publication:

Pre-Publication Date – Picking the Right Season

· Obtaining Pre-Publication Reviews

· Internet Promotion

· Directories for Book Listing

· Press Releases

· Building Key Media Contacts

· Creating a Media Kit

· Promotional Materials

· Free Promotion and Advertising

· How to Obtain Interviews (Radio,TV and Magazine)

· Speaking Engagements

· Book Signings

OK, so now that you've got this...let me and Angel House Publishing help you with the rest. Visit

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