Why is Angel House Publishing so different from other publishing companies you might find online? The answer is simple - Angel House Publishing guides you through the process of self-publication - taking a tailored approach to each and every client’s needs, while keeping the financial rewards as ALL yours! Providing that all important personal touch that your literary project and YOU deserve!  

            Navigating the uncertain waters of self-publication can be daunting to a new author. As a “Book Shepherd” it is my pleasure to help guide authors through all the nuances of writing, editing, publishing, promotion and marketing their books.

            In addition, I Ghostwrite (I do the writing – you get the credit) for those who have a wonderful concept but are unsure of their writing prowess. I take pride in my ability to create your story in YOUR voice.

             Here are some the many services Angel House Publishing provides:

  • Ghostwriting

  • How to Write Your Memoir

  • Editing

  • Audiobook Consultation and Production

  • Cover and Interior Design Advisor

  • Book Production Consultant

  • Publicity & Promotion Advisor

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Coaching for TV/Radio Interviews & Speaking Engagements

  • Facilitate Creative Writing Workshops: “Writing from Your Soul – Connecting with Your Creativity” and “So You’ve Written a Book – Now What?”

For more information contact: Louise Rose Aveni